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Autocheat script

Hi, the script have an annoying little feature.

Whenever the script is enabled, it erases my "input box" in the chat window every two seconds or so.
Regards, ArveK


  • gamerdruid
    4752 posts Moderator
    I assume you're referring to the autocheat script for the PTE's. As the cheats are turned off, turn off your autocheat. If you're referring to a different script..... it's not allowed :)
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  • Hehe, I was referring to the script used in PTE's, yes :wink: I didn't think about disable the script until yesterday when I started to "investigate" why my chat windows was messed up. I was simply posting here in hope of some the authors would read it, and if possible, make a fix for when the cheats are enabled again :)
    Regards, ArveK
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