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PTE server reset November 10

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we will reset the PTE tomorrow, November 10 between 8:00 and 12:00 UTC 14:00 UTC.

With the reset will will enable the cheats again and bring the latest edition of 17.6 to the PTE.

Together with a lot of bugfixes the following highlights arrive on the PTE:
  • further improvements and bugfixes to the transfer window
  • re-coloured alliance relationships on the map to make them more readable
  • additional meassure to prevent "base-locking"
  • fixed a case in the attack formation setup where you could end up with an invalid setup and therefore no attacks are possible

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  • gamerdruid
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    The fortress was killed today.

    There is a long list of faults that have occurred on the PTE over the course of today, starting with very slow operation and non-responsiveness and wildly varying fps rates.

    I won't list them all here but they have been reported to @enigm directly and will be looked at during the course of the week.
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