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lvl 66 for fully extended bases


don't know if there's already a thread about this (I know only about threads regarding general level base cap), but I have a suggestion:

The first of my bases are now fully extended to lvl 65 (base, defense, offense) and the energy accumulators are nearly full. What do you think about giving only those bases (with every building and unit at 65) and those bases only the possibility to build lvl 66?

Normally you are not achieving this situation in a world state, where war etc. is still going on, so it would not affect the whole situation. Instead it would perhaps help further endgames without being forced to go all in with only the big guys (therefore, smaller accounts could achieve a medal in cooperation with only a small number of big accounts)


  • Why stop at 66? Personally I would prefer 75, at least 70 ^^
    Regards, ArveK
  • yeah true, I wouldn't stop at 66 too, but the overall opinion argumentation regarding this topic has been that having certain buildings at level 70 would be too unfair.

    Therefore, I think it is better if you are able to unlock the next level by clearing the last level (that is, receiving possbility lvl 66 for affected base after levelling everything to 65, and lvl 67 after levelling everythin to lvl 66 and so on up to lvl 70)
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