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How to Advance quickly...

can anyone give me tips for fast advancing without paying any money?
* how the heck can i conquer a POI?
* find a second base?
* destroy a forgotten base?

I'm only level 8 and it looks like i have ages to play to get those 3 achievements,
there must be something i'm doing wrong.

please assist,


  • there are way too much variations of what you could be doing wrong to give a general explanation...however, most likly your attacking isnt efficient enough and your base arrangement is suboptimal...
    if i had to go for an explanation:
    Dont attack camps, only attack outposts 1-2 hit, and level your offense off of what you gain trough the farmingprocess...
  • general tips: not make PvP first seven days, give not many resi and you need Def because you lose shield then

    move to other player or alliance to get bigger choice of targets, and look for crates in camps/outposts
    first days it was possible to get 3-4 crates after new log in with break
    i attack camps which i could kill with one attack, but i did that only if cp was high and upgraded tiberium,energy and army untill then

    conquer POI: reached better with an alliance, if you join one with POI you rule it, but read what you get for a reward, some rewards are dependent from your rankinglevel left up corner (not the number, that is the farmranking, the title betwen your name and farmranking) it could be better to wait until you build enough for higher title to take the rewards

    second base : waste no researchpoints and credits, get only firehawk/vertigo , after second base comparison the costs from next base and what fits to your playstile if higher or most of costs from next base better save up for next base.
    you can see in the Research-button in special what you need for next base

    not look how the veteranplayers play, because that works not in every forgotten bases, many of them are to difficult for that, and the veterans are quicker and kill most of the bases where that works before you reach this bases

    and last tip: the game is outdated, i am not a good player but even i killed bases before i got the "tip" of the tutorial that is it better to attack outpost then camps to get higher ressorces.
    only because most player around you reach this targets so fast you must not
    because most of them played this game since years, and most of them forgot how it was to learn this game,
    some allianceleader expects from new players that they learn that game in days, for what they themself had weeks or months, but it is only a game

  • DarkDschin
    Thank you so much for the detailed answer.
    I understand...

    Appreciate !
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