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Buying capacities menu - invalid pricing


I am almost always presented with these prices when I am buying more capacities, and I never know how much it actually cost until after I have actually bought them. I think it has been like this for years... Once in a while the corrected prices are showing, but mostly not. Also, it doesn't matter what browser I am using, it's the same with all.BNReKildRwaUrIY5a9C9Iw.png
Regards, ArveK


  • Well, when I selected 'Offense Repair Time' and then selected 'Command Points' again, the correct prices appeared :p

    It should be looked into anyway though.
    Regards, ArveK
  • Lucyli753
    74 posts Senior Moderator
    Hey @ArveK_GDI
    could you please tell us which country you`re playing in and is "ArveK_GDI" your in-game name as well? :)
  • Hi @Lucyli753 ,

    I am playing from Norway, and yes, that is my in-game name. Also, that screenshot is from Wrath 20 if it matters :)
    Regards, ArveK
  • Lucyli753
    74 posts Senior Moderator
    edited December 2017
    Hey @ArveK_GDI ,
    What browser are you using? :)
    and have you tried clearing cache and cookies and deactivating scripts if you use any?

    sorry, I forgot you already told us about your browser :'(o:)
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