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Specter 10 Armypoints but Juggernaut 15?

Why cost the Juggernaut 5 Armypoints more as the spector? Both have similar values, same range and the Juggernaut is slower than the Spector.
And if the upgrade of Juggernaut works similar like at the Missle Squad (looks that the areadamage reduce the Ammunition of Missle Squad) is that no reason for five Armypoints more.
And why cost the units Commando, Sniper, Avatar, Mammut.... more Armypoints and many more ressorces? The values are in relation to the standard units not really good to justify the higher Armypoints and very high ressorces.
This values are from the times where the Levels from OFF against DEF was closer together by attack/defend than today. Even small Alliances have differences from more than five levels, if they want rule something.


  • apt comment on the jugg and specter. (the jugg is about 10% higher in the stats), and the specter has stealth upgrade can sneak into base. The repair time is not similar Jugg is 50% higher maybe the damage and hp stats should reflect this

    compare a predator to a mammoth on the attack, it has twice the hitpoints, last longer

    The avatar upgrade.
  • Three Specter make more damage than two Juggernauts, that say all. Or i can use a NOD-Mot as deflection, which cost only five Points(Pitbull 10). Only NOD has two units which cost less points then the GDI-counterparts.
    Juggernaut is it not value to cost five Points more than the Specter. A friend tested the Juggernaut and was disappointed, the Juggernaut make less damage against infanterie and vehicles than the Pitbull. Better reduce the armypoints for Juggernaut to 10 Points.
  • Or better range for Juggernaut, 3,0 or 3,5.
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