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How Refinery work?


Even though I play for more than one year, I could not figure out how Refinery work...
Sometimes them produce more when placed near Tib field, other times when placed near Power Plant.
I supposed it depends on the harvester/power plant level, however, near a power plant with 2-3 levels lower than the harvester, it's producing more than near the harvester...

I am trying to find the best solution to optimize cash + energy production, but this is beyond my logic :tired_face:

Does anybody know which is the logic behind?



  • difficult with Refinery.... the level of power plants play a role. But i have watched that the Refinery with low level produce more next Power Plants, with higher level they produce more per levelupgrade next Tib. if the Level increase is from a lower level as much as higher level switch both. You can see during move buildings the difference, if greene let both were they are and upgrade higher level. If red change back and upgrade lower level. best produce get you if Refinery placed next Power Plants and Tib fields.
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