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Lost base production when disconnected

I noticed this morning when I went to my PC that I had once again been disconnected from the server. This has happened several times now over the last few weeks. But what concerns me more is that I apparently lost around 8 hours of production while that stupid disconnected popup was showing on my PC. I know this because last night, just before I left the PC, I spent almost all TIB at all my bases and this morning after reconnecting, I only had around 4 hours of TIB in each base and I didn't have any packages even though I am currently paying EA for extra package capacity. This amounts to a total loss of 121.7M TIB, 87.9M CRY, and 72.4M power of production across all of my bases during the disconnect period. I had not checked this before but now suspect I may have lost production the other times I was disconnected as well.

Why should I bother paying EA for extra package limits or anything else for that matter when I don't get what I pay for. This is unacceptable and EA should do something to compensate players when this happens when you are so willing to take our money. With all the bad press EA is currently getting with their many pay-to-play requirements, surely you don't want more. bad press or worse yet another class action law suit filed.


  • Better write your server next time. There was a problem with many servers which have been shut off. In this time the game not worked on this servers for hours. Please look in News or here in Forum. If your server not one of this Server please write your Server here.
  • I play on Wrath 18 and to be honest, I had not seen the emergency server maintenance post until after I posted this and heard from others on the server that they also were missing resources they expected.

    So it seems the server must have been offline for the 8 hours I mentioned which would explain the loss of production. Hence, I can no longer say with certainty that it is tied in anyway with the disconnect issue. For this I apologize.

    Still could have used those missing resources, but if, as I now suspect, everyone on the server also lost it then at least I am no worse off.

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