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What happens when a world is offline

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As many of you have surely recognized some of our game worlds were offline on Monday, November 27 for an extended period of time. Following that outage some players have complained about lost resource production. Misunderstandings have arisen especially around capacity increases and their lifetime, at least for a few players. That's why I want to take the chance to explain what happens when a world is "offline".
If a game world is offline, time - quite literally - stands still. Which means neither resources will be produced (including command points and repair time) nor will the lifetime of paid capacity increases be decreased. If you, for example, had 7 days of capacity increase before the world goes offline, you will still have 7 days after the world comes back online. No matter for how long the world has been offline in between. The only thing that has really been lost during the downtime is resource production. But that affects all players on the world the same way, no one gains an advantage from that.
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