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Problems with chrome and firefox

Hi all

So i've been playing on the C&C tebrium maps for months ( or more lol ) with no problems until this morning. I have been using the center driven scripts as well with little to no problems ( only use some so been lucky? )

Any way when i log on i get everything up - but as soon as i try to click the base of to bring up the local area i get a script error - the local area shows but nothing else and if i click to go back to a base i just get a red screen ( like when it loads slowly red until the base comes up )

and that is it,

So i took out all scripts and have used both fire fox and chrome and still the same, i have cleaned out all cookies and history ect...

at a lose now.

Could use some thoughts on this.



  • gamerdruid
    4051 posts Moderator
    Mac or PC?
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  • Hi it's a mac
    I have updated to the latest "everything" including the osx, i have now tried 4 different browsers and only safari gets me past the bases screen to the map - bit any writing ( like camp or base or outpost etc.. ) are transparent background so hard to read.

    Lastly i can still message others and use the chat - set members roles -
  • gamerdruid
    4051 posts Moderator
    The other piece of information the developers will need, which world or worlds does this happen on? Try joining a new world (if you can) such as the latest Firestorm 8 (which has the latest patches) and also try a slightly old world that has not been patched yet.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Hi

    My teams in map 15 and 24 are called the unwanted lol and now of them can play properly, i have a team on map 30 as well and that does the same thing.
  • same on World 9 West Coast Script Errors PC & MAC.
  • Hi Donald

    As a anther person told myself - try to turn on the WEB GL in the options tab ( right hand bottom side of screen ) It got my game to work some but still having problems with the writing so while you can get back on the map and back to base layout seeing what is written will be hard still or it is at lest for me. Good Luck.
  • gamerdruid
    4051 posts Moderator
    When your worlds are patched with 17.6 the colour scheme changes for enemy, ally and no relationship. Hopefully the writing will be clearer.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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