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hello together because it should be a PTE I must remember that with 100 command points unfortunately not far alone until the parachutes are charged passes a very long time thus has nothing to do with a test world so I ask in general all the colleagues of the PTE you come to something to read what you do not need in a PTE are resources Cheats because it makes no sense in 3 minutes to make his base on 65 all this has to do with a PTE no more please take out the cheat and give and because command points cheat so that we can all test together this PTE for you only without you unfortunately can not continue to help so I ask you once again to think about whether this makes sense without command points in a PTE furthermore I have to remark That each of my PTE colleagues sacrifices his time for you, which everyone likes to do to bring the game forward
Furthermore, I would like to pass on a mistake to you as soon as you build a new base, you have 41 buildings in the base because the building is not calculated so now I hope and wish that you sometimes something comes to meet and our work the PTE a little to reward I think it is not much demanded that you also want to do something for the PTE only without command points you do not get far and hear more and more on games which is certainly not in your interest so again in the name of my PTE colleagues we ask you cheat thanks for commander points

MFG Bollekone


  • gamerdruid
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    Thank you for posting this It is also generally felt within the group of players I play alongside that 100 cp isn't enough for testing anything. It is too like playing a live world without funds too. Either an increased cap (as has been done on many of the PTE worlds, or a large set of cp crates would help a great deal if the developers aren't prepared to give a cheat for increasing the cp level that we have.
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  • CP boxes without supply points will not get you anywhere either, as it takes too much time to get them together
  • German

    hallo zusammen da es eine PTE sein sollte muss ich daran erinnern das man mit 100 Kommando Punkte leider nicht weit kommt alleine bis die Fallschirme aufgeladen sind vergeht eine sehr lange zeit desweiteren ohne Kommando Punkte Kisten geht auch nichts somit hat das mit einer Test Welt nichts mehr zu tun darum bitte ich im allgemeinen all der Kollegen der PTE euch etwas einfallen zu lasen was man in einer PTE nicht braucht sind Ressourcen Cheats da es keinen sinn macht in 3 Minuten seine Basis auf 65 zu machen das alles hat mit einer PTE nicht mehr zu tun nehmt bitte den Cheat raus und gebt und dafür Bitte denn Kommando Punkte Cheat damit wir alle zusammen diese PTE für euch Testen können nur ohne kann man euch leider nicht weiter helfen darum bitte ich euch nochmal euch langsam mal Gedanken zu machen ob das ohne Kommando Punkte sinn macht in einer PTE zu spielen desweiteren muss ich anmerken das jeder meiner PTE Kollegen seine Zeit für euch Opfert was jeder auch gerne macht um das Game weiter nach vorne zu bringen
    desweiteren möchte ich einen Fehler an euch weiter geben sobald man eine neue Basis baut hat man 41 Gebäude in der Basis da der Bauhof nicht berechnet wird so nun hoffe ich und wünsche mir das ihr uns auch mal etwas entgegen kommt und unsere Arbeit der PTE ein wenig zu belohnen ich denke es ist nicht viel verlangt das man auch etwas machen möchte für die PTE nur ohne Kommando Punkte kommt man nicht weit und es hören immer mehr auf zu Spielen was sicher nicht in euren Interesse ist darum nochmal im namen meiner PTE Kollegen bitten wir euch um denn Kommando Punkte cheat danke

    MFG Bollekone
  • gamerdruid
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    The error of having 41 buildings is because the CY isn't counted. You're correct in this. It is also present on all other worlds I've checked. Like many computer counts, it has started from 0 and not 1. So we get 0/40 when we have the CY and 40/40 when we have all slots full.

    I also agree that having bases at 65 tests nothing. Restricted cp also limits testing to a few shots per day. CP crates do add something although there is still the wait for the needed supply points. Those supply points build up and at this stage of the PTE are adequate for a few extra shots per day if we had the crates.
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  • An answer would be nice, thank you
  • Lucyli753
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    Hey @Bollekone1983 ,
    thanks for your feedback!
    We do consider activating the cheat for command points, but not at the current PTE. We might increase the capacity for command points though.
    The reason for this is, that we don`t want to allow too many cheats at a time, because this leads to some absurd error messages and bugs, especially in the end-game, as we have experienced it on the PTE earlier.
  • gamerdruid
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    edited December 2017
    The bugs you refer to that the players have experienced and I've written about seem to be also in 17.6 on French World 12.

    Many of the absurd situations have been caused by the use of the maxresources cheat and none of the problems occurred at the player side during other PTE testing with the setcommandpoints cheat or even the maxcp cheat. The exclusion of the movecooldownpte cheat has had minimal effect on movement as everyone is selling and restoring base buildings. With 100 command points we can only shoot at most 8 or 9 nearby forgotten camps/outposts/bases and with level 65 army we always win. In past PTE there was an element of fun, this one has removed all fun and reduced the 'testing' to a waiting game for sat codes to drop and then for them to be extracted.

    The previous PTE's that ran with movecooldownpte, setcommandpoints and repairallpte, high frequency sat code dropping and reduced timers on sat codes and the fortress didn't exhibit the same issues before the introduction of 17.6 patch so I fail to understand how these are the cause of the problems.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • KP expansions bring a nothing because it is not in the sense of a PTE is so enjoyable to wait as in a normal world Sorry then we can play equal to a normal world and d our precious time as pure hewn then makes resorces cheat out because no one needs If I do not like cheats so much, let lg Bollekone
  • so we say goodbye to the PTE Thanks to all my colleagues for the good cooperation on the PTE also a thank you to gamers wish you all much success make good your Bollekone + TestAllianz cu
  • hmmmmm
  • Furthermore I have to add that we all players do not get any more at the beginning there was every PTE a badge now is always the same server ressetet sorry you have nothing more you wolt we server testing what we have all since the PTE now should do you also come to meet us and not just ask thank you
  • Bollekone1983
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    edited December 2017
    Increasing capacity for command points does not lead to a code alone is very far I ask you to give some boxes and the extension because only then you can also test something here as it is now takes the PTE still 5 months

    so more and more and alone you can not play a PTE sometimes I hope you slow down your thoughts and comes to us for our good work towards thank you
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