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Generals Logo for a t-shirt?

Hello everyone! I am new to the forums, and have a question that I hope will get to the Studio!
So, way back when, one of the first video games my dad ever taught me to play was Generals. To this day, it is one of my favorite video games ever. This year, for Christmas, I wanted to make him a t-shirt on CustomInk that had the logo on it for his favorite Generals team, the USA. Before CustomInk can make the order, though, I need permission from EA to be allowed to make this t-shirt. So, here’s hoping some Studio Execs see this post very soon so the order can go through and I can give my dad his shirt on Christmas Day! Thank you so much to anybody who can and will help me!


  • gamerdruid
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    Studio execs as you called them do sometimes call into the forum. I'm not sure that they will give a quick answer though even if they do see the post as these things can take a long time. I'd prepare a backup plan for this Christmas!
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  • Hi TheronElf11,

    we are glad you and your dad have such good memories of Generals.

    Regarding your question:

    - I am not part of EA and cannot speak for them in this regard
    - I do not know the terms of CustomInk and how they handle intellectual property and what assurances they need

    From common sense I would say that as long as this is a purely non-commercial fan driven order of T-shirts in very low amount, nobody would object the usage of the logo.

    This website from EA has an email address you could ask for permission if you want to be on the safe side:

  • methuselah
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    I can't add anything officially Theron but if he loves Generals like I love Generals he will LOVE the gift not only because of the good memories the game has provided so many of us but because you cared enough to not only pay attention to something he loves but because you took the time to make the effort to get this done.
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