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Researched 1st MVC - Where you do find it to deploy?

I researched first MVC but I have no clue where to find it to deploy a 2nd base, any help?


  • gamerdruid
    5025 posts Moderator
    If you've researched it, in English they use the term 'Found base' to deploy it. Be careful where you place it as the layout is important. Seek advice from your alliance members who are more knowledgeable than you or read the tips section of this forum for advice.
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  • methuselah
    465 posts Senior Moderator
    It is in the right sidebar nuprn1, if you still are having trouble reply here I'll go to the trouble to post an image for you.

    druid's words are wise here, be sure and pick a good layout to accelerate your growth.
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