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Cant accept alliance invitation

I was in NEW ORDER alliance on Tib 30 and accidentally left the alliance. I asked for an invite to get back in but the accept button is greyed out and cant be pressed.


  • Lucyli753
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    edited December 2017
    Hey @Butcha981 ,
    you have to wait 7 days before you can join the same alliance again. :/
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  • REALLY??!! What idiot dreamt up that rule? Effectively puts me out of the game then as I cant take territory for my alliance and stand a chance of being attacked.
    Anyway, thanks for the answer - not sure what I will do now :(
  • I have started my own alliance and asked for allies diplo with my old alliance and hopefully will be able to rejoin next week :)
  • Lucyli753
    74 posts Senior Moderator
    Hey @Butcha981 ,
    that sounds like a great idea. :)
    And you sure will be able to rejoin next week!
  • gamerdruid
    1788 posts Moderator
    This was introduced a long time ago as players were leaving an alliance, attacking another then returning to the safety of the big alliance where there was a NAP or ALLY status so they couldn't be attacked. A lot of things introduced over the years have been to prevent the dirty tricks of some.
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  • I guess I am not that devious/sneaky lol
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