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How do I have zero infected camps to hit? Almost 24 hours in and I have had ZERO camps within range! How do I help my team with the challenge if I have no CAMPS? Likewise, I cannot earn any RT. This game has become steadily worse since I have began playing.


  • on Quest its written ''Destroy Infected CAMPS'' and do you see any infected camps on screen???
    so what the point to tell ppl destroy infected camps if that infected are not camps becouse evry base with off lvl generate ner base some camps..... ho that need be outposts or what??
    but outposts are not camps and camps are not outpost.....
    so this stiupid event its not for evryone i see like allways!!!
    Tiberium 29
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  • I can't remember the exact system used to generate Infected outposts/camps, but on the worlds I've visited they are appearing.


    The system announced when they were for outposts was something to do with controlling neighbouring tunnel and POI all in your territory.
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  • yes so the system what generate camps its not for all....and if we dont know how to unlock it what to do other who in lucky unlock it will get up to 1500pd and 7d rt and who not will get big 0 ...heh fair event for christmass.... thanks anyway for fast answer thats good
  • methuselah
    468 posts Senior Moderator
    I have worlds where I'm swallowed up by them and worlds with not many. My guess here is that if the area you are in is actively being farmed, more will show up. If the area is not being farmed then fewer show up.

    That is a total guess on my part mind you but if you still aren't seeing any go on a camp killing spree in the area you are talking about and see if you generate any. I bet you will.
  • this works almost like tunnels, but instead it's poi that produce these infected camps,
    so you have to be in range of poi with an offense that is high enough to activate the poi, then it produces infected camps
    you don't want the camps to be low because if they are much lower than your offense then you don't get any cp or rt from them
    so the rule of thumb is, if your offense is, say 23, get to 24-25 level poi, you'll get convenient levelled infected camps
  • This challenge is not for all,the infected are more like outposts and your attack needs to be near the level of nearby exits.For those that are in world that just a few months old your main account is deep near 46 attack bases with a 30-35 attack,now how the hell are we supposed to spawn infected.My whole alliance is in this position now and cannot participate since I don't see not any infected.Or what do you want us all to drop back to exits 35-40 that is crazy.If you want all to participate than make the infected more like camps so we can all benefit.Go look at tiberium 29 and look for yourselves.Now I know why we have been failing to complete this challenges the infected only infect some instead of all.
  • hdglide
    2 posts New member
    I have had my main next to poi and near tunnel controlled by my alliance and I have not seen one infected camp or outpost since it started, so I have given up waiting for them to appear carry on base killing, the system does not appear fair to all, just my thoughts, very annoying when you spend money on this game and not be able to take advantage.
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