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Closing sub account tab freezes main tab

On two maps, tib 22, and tib 30
closing a tab of a sub account in chrome results in my account tab freezing.
Center Driven script pack with wavy, basescanner, loot summary, tunnel highlighter, and cncopt.com link scripts on. The script is now call CnCTA SinsofOmission scriptpack.
A month ago this did not happen. Had not logged into a sub account until two days ago and it has happened every time since.


  • It happens on one of my machines and it also crashes when I try to open more than 2 subs at the same time. On another I can have 6 or more subs running. They both have their cache, cookies and history cleared regularly but it makes no difference.

    The major difference I can see on my two machines is that one has 16Gb memory running 64-bit windows, the other 4Gb and is running 32-bit windows.
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