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this is about this forum do not wory

hello I am a TSTO fan and not command and conquer fan (this is kinda important to the disscusion). When i press on my profile (on the TSTO forum) it takes me to this forum. i have also posted this on the TSTO forum but i thaught i should say it on this forum as it is involved in my situation. does anayone else have similar issues?


  • chadthurston
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  • @callumcmor23 @chadthurston

    Hey! Just to notify you that this redirect situations are constantly being improved on. The site has gotten much better in this area lately but more improvements will be done as time passes so you land on the section you wanted to be in etc.

    Thanks for the heads up however! In the meantime the simple fix for this for now is to click "Categories" few times which will bring you to the home page and then you can select TSTO or other forums from there.

    Additionally you can also select the back button on your browser or click on a TSTO topic in your profile and that will instantly link you to TSTO etc.
  • ArveK_GDI
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    I have also noticed the weird connection between the TA and the Simpsons forum. For instance, and as far as I can remember, clicking on a link to a PM in an email directs me to the TSTO forum instead of the TA forum. And also it seems like theWho's online info counts online players in both of these forums, at least there are a lot of Homer avatars there :#
    Regards, ArveK
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