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Upcoming Progression Tool

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Greetings, Commanders

I am a nerd with a dream,
who wants to upgrade the difficulty of winning in Tiberium Alliances
by bolstering the competition, and equipping newbs with sharper teeth

In the past I have tried helping players individually,
but grew tired of the lack of result for my efforts
I am proud that some listened and learned very well.

Next time will be different, however.
I will not be helping players like I used to, but they will still get help.

Spreadsheets, of course.

I have made a bridge between the flash-tool CNCOpt and Spreadsheets
which I am slowly merging together with my Master Spreadsheet for Tiberium Alliances.
Finally, I will be adding features to plan and predict progression, resource spending and power management over time.

This is actually happening.
I just don't know when I will have the time and energy to finish the project.
But I am posting here to let all the newbs know that they can choose to become stronger.
Tiberium Alliances is an effort-game, and micro-efforts pay off a lot over time.

I hope to roll this out in time for the 2018 World Championship
Stay tuned for revolution.
The Forgotten Newbs will rise again.

If you want to help development, as a dev or a newb, don't hesitate to make contact.
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