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USA worlds

what happen to the USA worlds will they be coming back, I was is USA world 42 about 4 years ago.


  • gamerdruid
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    They stopped doing country/language specific worlds a while ago. The do still do worlds that start in the morning USA time, but afternoon in Europe. They won't be doing any more USA specific worlds (East coast or West coast USA).

    Look at the Wrath worlds and their start times. Firestorm worlds were a region world group but are going to continue only as special worlds.

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  • I thank you for your response . It was just a little hard for me to understand how to chose the right World to go to. Even me going into the wrath world I saw a lot of different languages. I'm just saying that I am a little confused. Also why am I getting attack by the forgotten, I get attack like several several times a day. It
    is very hard to save up and get my base def. and army upgraded. seeing as I lose all my resource when my base is destroyed. and I am trying to upgrade my def as fat as I can. Or is this just another way for you guys to get us to spend more money. I am just saying, It does not seem fair.
  • gamerdruid
    2783 posts Moderator
    Forgotten attack worlds are another innovation they introduced a while back. Most worlds are forgotten attack worlds now, some also have a morale reduction if you hit a base much higher than your army, some have only morale. The latest Firestorm has neither and is most like old worlds although the hubs are further out and it is a small world.

    On forgotten worlds you need to invest early in defence as well as attack.

    As an American you are lucky like the British in that a large proportion of the world understand some English (and Spanish). I use imTranslator as an inline translation if I'm wanting to talk to others or respond to them. I can easily follow a conversation and join in using this extension for Chrome and it works in the chat window.

    I can't comment on the monetisation aspect of the changes
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • When start new Tiberian?
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