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How Much Do You Get For 5th Base?

I just picked up my 5th base and made a mistake when I named it. It is the same as my 3rd base, so I have two bases named exactly the same. The amount to Tiberius and Crystals I got was (I thought) really small. 120Mil Tibe. & 220Mil Crys.

I also make reference to the Arsenal tab where you can view your 5th MCV and it talks about much greater numbers? is that one in the same? There is an official bug I need to report as the "base info" that displays all bases has overwritten the summary data. ( base 5 is overwriting base 4 summary data but in the game the system works thru it. Base 5 is level 18 and base 4 is level 22 but in the summary only level 18 is showing for both)

Do I request a ticket be raised for this? I am just afraid that I did not get all the resources promised. Is there some admin person that can do a background check? I only picked up my 5th base last night.
Thanks very much


  • since first base you start with, 2nd base is first mcv, so 5th base is 4th mcv
    4th mcv gives 175M tib and 260M crystal, but it may vary by world, see your own arsenal
    so you got approximately what you should have gotten
    and base name can't create problems with that, that's for sure
  • gamerdruid
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    Base names can be altered too. Use the 'base info' section on the last base and you'll see an option to rename the base.
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  • This is great and explains a lot on what is advertised :) as per what is actually "assumed". Thanks for clearing that up for me :) on the second point. Thank you for this, as I see all the "base Info" windows have a change name button but is concealed unless you scroll right to the bottom of that window. Good to see it there. Changed it and it fixed my summary report display. Thanks again.
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