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Two Bases With the Same Name Issue

Please help, I accidently named two bases the same, the system accepted it but two things:
1. When the summary screen displays, the data from my 5th base overwrites my 4th base data so now I can't see this critical report on the general health of all my bases.
2. I am also afraid I did not get the amount of allocated resources for my 5th base. Is there some way to check my user name and my 5th base creation (last night) and verify if the system gave me the correct number of credits? It just doesn't feel right. Please validate.


  • enigm
    122 posts Envision Developer
    edited January 2018
    Hey @DonCarriere,

    we'll have a look at it. Can you give me the world you're playing on please?
  • Not to worry, my other post under "general" was successful and fixed my problem. I see all the "base Info" windows have a change name button but is concealed unless you scroll right to the bottom of that window. Good to see it there. Changed it and it fixed my summary report display. Thanks again. case closed :)
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