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How the heck do I use an MCV?

Hey guys, dumb question I'm sure. I researched an MCV, and now It is telling me to I need 9.5M research points to create an additional MCV.

Did I miss something here? Didn't I already do what was required to create a second base? the literature for the MCV mission says founding takes about 1 week. But based on my resource production it is saying it will now take 92 days to found another base?

- Rob


  • Lucyli753
    74 posts Senior Moderator
    Hey @hazmathazard83 ,
    the price it tells you now, is the one you need for buying your second MCV (you need this for your third base).
    You should already be able to build your second base. To do so, you need to click on the button "found base" in the top-right corner of the game, under your base-data. Your second base will appear instantly after you chose a place. :)
    I`m not sure what`s up with the 1 week you`re talking about.. :#
  • gamerdruid
    4931 posts Moderator
    Some scripts try to predict how long before the next MCV, possibly he's referring to the output from one of them.
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