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5 things that will fix battlefront 2

The following is a neatly organized list of 5 game additions and changes that I believe could fix (or at least improve) star wars battlefront 2 (2017).

1: Domination
One big map, 48 players, 20 bots, 5 objectives. Its really that simple. The next points will build upon this, but for now, this is really all there is to it.

2: More battlepoint rewards
Lets face it, the gunship is a dumpster fire flying on invisible rails, but that will be covered in a later point. For now, here are just a few things that could be added to make the battlepoint system better, and yes, I know i'm bringing back the old stuff, THAT'S THE POINT. (all boosts last one life)

1, Enhanced blaster boost (moderate increase to weapon damage) - 1000bp
2, Bacta canister boost (regenerate health sooner and faster) - 1000bp
3, Enhanced mobility boost (increased sprint speed and roll distance) - 1000bp
4, Marksmen boost (Reduced weapon recoil, tighter bolt spread - 2000bp
5, Elite Soldier boost (allows one extra star card to be equipped to a trooper or special unit) - 2000bp
6, Strike team (spawn with 3 AI soldiers who fight with you (competently) until defeated - 2500
7, Hero support boost (spawn near an active Hero as a class that compliments the Hero) - 3000bp
8, gunship (SEE POINT 3) - 10000bp

3: Fix the gunship (and add more stuff like it
Insert obligatory gunship meme here. Yes, we know the gunship is trash right now, but I have an Idea that will change it into a game changer. just read.

The new gunship (regardless of team) would cost 10000 battlepoints to spawn in, and would have a thirty second call in time (the announcer will let both teams know that a gunship is inbound, this is a team event). During this time, players in the respawn menu will be able to spawn on the incoming gunship as either the co-pilot, one of two turret gunners, or one of a four man team within the ship. when the 30 second timer hits zero, the gunship (under full control of the person who bought it) will enter the battlefield.

The pilot would then be free to fly where they choose and attack who they wish (like any other star-fighter) while the co-pilot and gunners use their respective weapons and abilities to support their team. The following is a complete breakdown (in the form of a giant wall of text) of how the gunship would be ideally set up (at least the LAAT), just cause I felt like making it.


main weapon: twin forward cannons (high air to air damage)

Left ability: enhanced scan (scan area below and ahead of the gunship, revealing enemy infantry and vehicles, marking them for ground units and your turret gunners)

Center ability: strafe mode (fly low and steady for a short time (boosting damage resistance, but disabling your ships roll function and restricting your max speed and altitude) and open shuttle doors (troops free to deploy via ropes (if the ship is over a valid location) or shoot from gunship) and give your turret gunners a slight aim assist boost.)

Right ability: dual air to ground rockets (free fire rockets dealing high area damage. will lock-on to ground vehicles while in flight for medium damage)


Main weapon: dual proton torpedoes (player is free to look around in a large radius in front of gunship, locking on to targets within direct line of sight)

Left ability: electronic countermeasures (breaks lock-on for the entire gunship)

Center ability: turret gunner (activate rear turret. hold to take control of turret)

Right ability: hard lock (paint a target you've locked on to, marking them for team mates and increasing their incoming damage)


Main weapon: Beam cannon

Left ability: infantry scan (mark a few targets for yourself only (target will know they are marked))

Center ability: overcharge (charge an intense blast, dealing very high damage for a moment, but disables the weapon for a short time)

Right ability: ion burst (fire an Ion beam, disabling enemy vehicles for a short time)

Strike team

these four (who are in a single squad) are able to fire their weapons from the cabin of the gunship while in strafe mode, or deploy via ropes when above a valid point on the map (open area in bounds). They may also deploy at any time while in the air, though they will spawn in a random spot.

Making the vehicles like this (and more like it) would make them infinity more fun.

4: More customization
No. we do not want a pink Darth Vader. That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about skins and sound files that are different from the default, but still make sense in the game universe

Darth Vader wearing a clown mask and a tutu? No.

Darth Vader with his helmet cut on one side, his cape torn to hell, and his voice alterer damaged? hell, YES!!!

PUT THESE IN THE DAMN PAYED LOOT CRATES (but still make them earnable)

5. Galactic Conquest (like you didn't know this was coming
just... DO IT! copy the old game exactly if you must, but please, for the love of god, bring back this fan favorite game mode.


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