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Reset old regional worlds

What do you think about the reset old regional worlds and launch many regional worlds on one day?
I think it's a good idea for new players.


  • I'd like to see them do something to make these older worlds more fun; they definitely need a shot in the arm. I am in world 59 and have been there 5 years and my largest base is level 59, after doing some math it will take another 5 years to reach level 65 and I probably will not stay with it another 5 years. They need to run a patch to speed them up a little. I am sure there is something they can do.
  • gamerdruid
    2047 posts Moderator
    Some of the older worlds only have 100 or so players logging on now. I doubt it is worthwhile developing a change for so few.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Gamerdruid:
    but if you restart old worlds from scratch. Many regional alliances will start the game again on these worlds
  • gamerdruid
    2047 posts Moderator
    I'm not sure that is true. There is nothing preventing what you refer to as regional alliances from starting a new world - there's the Tib worlds with forgotten attacks (and sometimes with Morale too), the Wrath worlds with Morale and the special Firestorm worlds with...well we don't know yet.

    I do think now that stopping the worlds with only a few active players (less than 100 in a month) with 6 months notice would help them encourage those few players to move. On those worlds some, but not many, are funding and giving them 6 months notice allows the boosts that they have purchased to work through (it only takes 30 days).

    One problem is we could all be talking about 'older worlds' and 'regional or language specific worlds' and mean different places. I would start with the oldest. Worlds CB1 & CB2 and worlds numbered up to 20. Looking at stats for those would indicate how many are logging on. The problem is none of us that are simply players are on all the worlds and only see the ones we ever signed-up to.

    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • lot of players are still playing these old worlds and killing fortress over and over again just for fun.
    would be nice if old eco worlds get a new eco instead, but that is asked before.
    after two years not logging in you will be erased it would be better to shortened that to one year
    just my few cents
  • I think that restarting language specific worlds is a good idea. I think that language specific worlds was the best part of this game.
    you can restart several worlds to check it pays off :)
  • I also would like to start Polish world again :) I think that such restarts can be done once every 1-3 years. new worlds are too difficult for me
  • I am sure there is something that can be done to reward those faithful 100 players who are keeping those old worlds alive, just something to give them some spark, they are kind of slow and boring. In World 59 we have our fortress up to level 92... but yes a good eco boost would help
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