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not fair

what should that be?
if a direct on can he base laveln on cheat with 65?
and the rest is watching?
So you just do not know what fair play is!
so even a pte can not work.
So to the mießt that you do otherwise makes you right here in the beginning clearly what is going on.

This is a disadvantage for anyone who starts at night. So of fair no speech.
a question how stupid you have to be for something to do

Thank you

was sollte das schon wieder ?
wenn einer direkt on kann er base laveln auf 65 mit cheat ?
und der rest schaut zu?
also ihr wi0t einfach nicht was fair play ist!
so kann selbst ein pte nicht funktionieren.
also zu dem mießt den ihr sonst so leistet macht ihr hier vorn anfang klar was los ist .
das ist ein nachteil für alle die kurz nacht start anfangen. also von fair keine rede.
mal eine frage wie blöd muß man sein für sowas zu machen

that is an


  • gamerdruid
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    edited January 2018
    It is a test world and the main idea of this test to see if the markers are now working. Only about 10 players got the maxresources cheat and have level 65 bases, the rest of us have to build up from the start level of 30. The approximately 10 players were the first on the world until the developers realised an error had been made and the cheat was removed. (I don't have a level 65 base either and I'm not defending the status quo simply explaining how it happened.)

    Yes, it seems unfair. But will it alter the test results - no. You saw how slow and difficult it was on the last world with everyone having the ability to have 11+ level 65 bases. It took 30+ days to get to a stage where the fortress could be hit. I hope you're not advocating a return to that situation.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • The server is useless to play . Most unblanaced game i have ever seen a piece of crap now . They can fix it anytime they want since its a "test server " right.
  • Hi
    it's not about just being a pte sewrver it's about fair play, and everyone should have the same chance. I can test so aquch that's right. but as I said, it is not fair. If you do something right, you should not do it right for the first time. or do you pay the players to have something of it? I think I have never had anything for it. So you should be fair that all have the same but not so. it does not matter to me but it is unfair in the highest degree. So just not a fair play

    es geht nicht darum dass nur ein pte server ist es geht um fair play , und da sollte jeder die gleiche chance haben. testen kann ich so auch das ist richtig . aber wie gesagt fair ist es nicht . man sollte schon wenn man etwas macht es richtig machen ist auch nicht zum ersten mal . oder bezahlt ihr die spieler damit sie davon auch etwas haben ? ich denke nicht hatte noch nie was dafür bekommen. also sollte man eigentlich fair sein das alle das selbe haben aber nicht so. mir macht das wenig aber es ist in höhsten maßen unfair. also einfach nur kein fair play
  • and again server is ruined one player 65 some others have also higher level +41

    if you want to test test normal with normal pte cheats
  • gamerdruid
    2834 posts Moderator
    It is a test server - for testing by the developers. Nothing in there about it being fair or balanced.

    You're unlucky you happen to be in the alliance without the high players, I'm fairly certain you would not be complaining if you were the level 65 player. The level 41+ players got there by having help from the level 65 player, playing as a team and not an individual.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • if whe thit get the level 65 in our team i will also complain
    so please dont talk for me i can do that for my own
  • Bez zbędnych ceremoniałów. Pomoc gracza z bazą 65 polega na tym żeby spalić obozy poziom 65. wytworzenie miejsca do farmienia w celu pozyskania zasobów. żebyś poczuł smak i zrozumiał wystąp z sojuszu zmień konto i podejdź bazą lv 30 do gracza z podstawą 65. I spal obok niego obóz 65. Zyczę szczęścia, zobaczymy jak szybko się rozwiniesz. Ten serwer w chwili obecnej to jest ustawka grupy kolesi. Nie tak to powinno wyglądać w XXI wieku. to co się tu dzieje to komunizm i dyktatura. Pozdrawiam
  • No unnecessary ceremonies. Helping the player with base 65 is to burn camps level 65, creating a farm space to obtain resources. To make you feel the taste and understand the change from the alliance, change the account and approach the lv 30 base to the player with base 65. And burn camp 65 next to him. I wish you luck, let's see how quickly you develop. This server at the moment is a group set of guys. This is not what it should look like in the 21st century. what is happening here is communism and dictatorship. Regards
  • gamerdruid
    2834 posts Moderator
    very appropriate as the 65 player is from Russia :)
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • I stop playing this rediculous, unfair server... Should EA test their Kindergarten - Server somewere else. ...
    hope they find the reset buttom soon.

    for this kind of Test is my time time too valuable....


  • gamerdruid
    2834 posts Moderator
    To all that say 'it is unfair' - remember life is unfair. No-one is making you play on the server, in fact many would say you shouldn't be playing at all as it is a test server and playing as a real server is not meant to be the way it works.

    I suggest that instead of playing and moaning about the test server you actually play on a real world as you're a good player and are wasting your skills on the PTE.

    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • For all those who are talking so badly about the player with level 65 bases:

    Could you tell me how many small players he attacked? :-?

    For my part, I can indicate that he has only helped me on this server.
    Always testing something
  • In another vein…

    On some occasions I thought it would be good to have a "policeman" to monitor the good behavior in the game and make the appropriate decisions in the fights that two players are not able to solve on their own.

    Something like a moderator with sufficient level and resources to take the necessary actions according to their decision.

    But the question always arises: who watches over those who watch us? : -?
    Always testing something
  • gamerdruid
    2834 posts Moderator
    An in-game moderator would become a target. I'm not an in-game moderator and you have seen how my presence sometimes generates discussions, not of the pleasant kind. Someone with actual power in-game would almost certainly become a target.

    Also, in order to fair to everyone you'd need a few in-game moderators per world which adds up to a very large number of people, even if you ignore old numbered and language worlds.

    I understand the need I just don't think the solution offered is viable.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • i think it will be good to have a secret moderator in the game for abuse insult and many more things
    sometimes poeple are getting to far and taking things personal thats not good its just a game

    make a new account make the account moderator/admin but dont put status behind his/her name like you have here in the forum
    make the account on this way that if someone take things personal and the admin or moderator reacts on it that he post to this person without his name in the post

    just a idea i think it will work

    whe can always test it in pte :)
  • As far as I can see there are already tools for reporting player misbehaviour to the moderation via the report player button. I think thats already a good tool for anything important.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • yes correct i have seen that button finaly after 2 years playing
  • Kids, PTE is a Testing Server and it is not a fair server because the only goal here is to test how everythings works before it get into a regular server and look for bugs too at same time. But it is also the only server that you get a lot of free stuff which you dont get on a regular server, so stop your whining and just play and have fun. And in case you did not get to the top rank, wait again for the next reset and you might get lucky.
  • EE_Elephterion
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    edited February 2018
    Just a heads up we are starting with the process now. Will update the announcement post.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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