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C&C may we can build structures in following games

C&C may we can build structures like buildings,pillboxes,wall,watchtowers,missile,towers,gates and stuff
after the tiberian sun ı cant see wall building in the game only in red alert 3. like the age empires series
you can build lots of things like defend towers, walls and youcan upgrade them maybe in c&c this feature is will be great.


  • Hello there!

    Defense units are in the game, walls, defense towers and so on!
    Defense structures are build on their own Defense screen if you look at your base, press W to get to your defense overview. This is also explained in the tutorial.
    I hope that helps :)
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • methuselah
    424 posts Senior Moderator
    He's not talking about TA Ele. funny I hope those are in future games but more than that I hope there are future games. One of the great things about C&C historically is that it appealed to lots of player types. If you want to build huge walls and defenses and sit behind them and skirmish you could.

    If you wanted to go online and engage in PvP in a few minutes you could. If you wanted to do both you could. I would love to see all of that make a comeback in a new game but I'm not very hopeful at the moment.
  • Sir_Dracojan
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    edited April 2018
    I agree. Multiple defensive structure type would be a good thing. Walls, gates, sandbags, defensive towers and maybe utility towers as well.
    Some of the best can be seen in Tiberian Sun. Firestorm defence and walls, concrete walls and gates, invisibility defence and all the anti ground and air structures.

    As Methuselah said though, we want a game first, then being awesome comes after it.
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