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is a bug

hi guys, there is a bug. I cannot raise structures level


  • gamerdruid
    5024 posts Moderator
    A little more detail - which world, in-game name (many post here with a different name), which base (base name & co-ords) - would assist the developers to track down the issue on Monday (they tend not to work over the weekend period!)

    In the interim period try clearing you internet browser cache, cookies and history.
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  • I tried on chrome and FIREFOX and cannot access t26 on my pc ... Can this be looked at pls
  • Lucyli753
    74 posts Senior Moderator
    Hey @Scareybee26 ,
    have you tried to clear cache and cookies and disable all scripts, then try it again? :)
  • its happening alot to me lately i start attack my game uses my cp and attack doesnt happen can you please do something about it my name in game is miksimihajlo i play in all 4 one in tiberian 59 also happened to me when i used supplie crates for attack and cp doesnt go up
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