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PTE Downtime & Update February 01

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A quick heads-up, commanders!

Today we are going to take down the PTE server and update to version 18.1
Downtime will occur around 13:00 UTC

Unfortunately we had to extend the downtime. We will update you once we have an ETA on the return of the PTE server.

Patch Notes for 18.1 are:

Added Features
  • Added a Home marker for currently selected base

  • Fixed an error with rank titles in the german localization
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to place units in impossible positions
  • Forgotten offense units should now be listed correctly in the arsenal
  • Fixed an error with the battle summary report window in the spanish localization
  • Fixed an issue with Reservation markers for allied players on the satellite map
  • Fixed an issue that displayed player names not readable after leaving an alliance
  • Long comments on notifications should now be displayed correctly
  • The Transfer button from the resource transfer window should now be properly deactivated if resources cannot be transferred
  • Mouse cursor should now be displayed correctly when playing in Microsoft Edge
  • Fixed an issue on the Faction selection screen
  • Player relations should now properly update when joining or leaving an alliance
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