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PTE Extended Downtime FEB 12th

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Hello Commanders!

Sorry for the short notice but today we will perform some changes on the server-side of things of the PTE in an unscheduled maintenance.

We will be starting ~12:30 UTC and may reboot the server a few times in the process.
So you may experience some disconnections. We will inform you here once we are done and the PTE is stable again. There will be no wipe.

We have to push it to Monday, February 12th for now. We aim for the Maintenance somewhen around 07-08:00 UTC and run it over the course of the day. The PTE may still reboot repeatedly for testing backend features.

Thanks for your patience :)
EDIT:Updated date in title GD
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  • Thank you very much for this and in-game notices. ;-)
    Always testing something
  • EE_Elephterion
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    A quick status update, the Maintenance had to be pushed back. We will keep you updated how and when we get everything back online.

    Ok, We will have to push it to Monday. Sorry if we startled you :disappointed: Have fun with PTE over the Weekend, we will do the Shutdown and Reboot next week :wink: )
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  • iguanaworld
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    OK, better options. ;-)
    Take your time if you need.

    Thank you so much!
    Always testing something
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