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Question about markers (PTE server)

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This has happened to me in the PTE server and I do not know if it is the normal behavior or it is of the new corrections.

- I ask to create a "reserve spot" and place it on its site
(Well, as it should be and with the text explaining that it is a reservation)

- I find another better configuration and ask to create a "reserve spot" and when I put it in the right position I notice that in the box it seems that I have the possibility to use up to 10 "Markers established: 1/10"
(This can be an error)

- I click to set the new reservation and the warning message appears indicating that you can only use a reservation of that type and the reservation text.
(Well, as it should be and with the text explaining that it is a reservation)

- If we check the reservation is displayed correctly

- If we ask you to edit the marker (I am commander in chief, I have not tested it with another rank) it appears as if it were a "View" marker and without the text that I had before.

- If we edit the description of the marker and we give it to accept

- The text appears as edited and we can see that it does NOT allow us to change the type of marker but we give it to apply changes so that the new text is put in the marker

- We change the marker to View (which we have never modified) but with the text that we had edited on the "Reserve spot"

If you try to edit the text of a personal marker "Reserve spot" as CIC, accidentally the game change the marker to "View" alliance's marker.
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    I see, thanks for the report!

    Indeed, the type of marker is not supposed to change when you edit a personal reservation marker. So this is a bug, I will send it to the developers. :)
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  • I have seen this problem too.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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