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Attacking the Fortress Multiple Times

I know that you only get 1 Badge from each server but can an alliance that has already killed the fortress Kill it again with a change of a few players without a badge to get there badge with the same alliance name?
Otherwise do you have to create a new alliance (or alliance that has not attacked the fortress yet) to move into that alliance to help?
Thanks Rob


  • gamerdruid
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    Yes, an alliance with a badge can physically kill the fortress again, but no, new members do not get a badge.

    Yes, if you wish to get new members a badge, it needs to be in a new named alliance. This new name can be very similar and often adding a period or dash to the name is used. Also, be aware that if an alliance is disbanded the name in the Hall of Fame disappears too! At least one member must remain in every alliance to keep the name in the Hall of Fame.
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  • Thank You very much for your speedy reply
    Yes i know many things in the 4 years and 4 months that i have been playing this game and already know about disbanding removes the alliance name from the Hall of Fame but thanks for info incase i didnt. (always better to be informed now than having an angry player after the deed was done saying "you didnt tell me that")
    Thanks again Rob
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