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Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight, Night moves Mission

I pre ordered CnC 4, and originally had access to the ''Night Moves Mission''. Unfortunately it was a very old e -mail that I used back in the day. I purchased the CnC collection, and created a new email address/user login for CnC 4. I was wondering if there is a way to gain access to this mission? Thanks in advance.


  • methuselah
    424 posts Senior Moderator
    gosh I really don't know. Try this.....see if you can find someone in the lobby that has it. Ask them if they will co-op play, just initiating it and playing for a few minutes might unlock it for you. Let me know if that works so I'll know going forward.
  • What this guy said. My old account had a preorder bonus C&C4 copy on it but it was lost to hackers about a year ago. My Origin account works fine except that it doesn't have Night Moves, which should be available on it, right? Didn't they release it for everyone several months after launch? I've been trying to find someone who has it to see if I can unlock it with their help by playing it once or twice, but so far, no luck. The game's servers aren't nearly as populated as they used to be, although they're certainly not dead.
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