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[UPDATED] Ingame issues with Firefox update 59.0 - March 15 2018

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Hello Commanders!

As some of you may have noticed, there are currently some issues when playing the game in Firefox.

As far as we know these errors mainly affects buttons that are used to cycle through bases, change pages in the research window or move rows/columns units around during the attack preparation screen.

The problems where introduced with the latest update of Firefox and we are working on a Hotfix.
For the time being we can only recommend going with a different browser.

We will keep you updated here until we can resolve the issue.

We will patch PTE tomorrow with a hotfix for this issue. Please make sure to test it there if you can so we can roll out the fix asap on the other worlds!
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  • EE_Elephterion
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    As announced here we have patched the first set of worlds today with the fix for the Firefox problems.

    However we noticed that the issue also extends to the Server Browser. This will be addressed when we are patching the remaining worlds next week.
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