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Issues with Outposts (Spawns and Respawns)

Hey guys, since the discussion in the german thread is kinda stuck and we don't have much answers and participants there I am now trying my luck here again. :smile:

Well lets get to the point. Normally you got a number of Outposts x spawning per day and if u kill one another one respawns so there is a motivation of killing OPs which aren't looking too good with the chance of a good respawn. Well on moral worlds we need those farm days and mechanics to strengthen our accounts and ensure that we can move on. Well now lets come to the problem...

Since the last patch update there aren't any following respawns after killing any OPs... we tried it for several days now but no chance. Additionally we think that the number of OPs spawning per day has lowered too. :disappointed:

We have this problem on Wrath 21 but in my opinion it's the same on Firestorm 8 and on Tiberian 28. Probably some more players can tell here about their experiences so we can get this straight. If it was planned from EA it would be nice if u can tell this but for now we are kinda stuck cause we can't farm there. :disappointed:

Greetings Moon


  • gamerdruid
    3643 posts Moderator
    They are investigating this and a related issue of forgotten bases not respawning as anticipated.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • hey Moonguide
    My experience is that outposts do not immediately respawn, but it takes maybe a few minutes. It is just a lag where previously the respawn was immediate.
    When there are only a few people farming, it's not a problem, but of course in a competitive environment when everybody is watching - your only way to get an easy outpost is to get the respawn after killing a hard one, then it's a problem.
  • MoonGuide
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    edited March 2018
    Hey, nice to hear that EA got an eye on this.

    The "old" respawn was kinda really immediate and now it was more like even if you were waiting for like 10 minutes nothing happened and as you say on competitive worlds this is really a big problem.

    But as said I am glad to hear that EA got an eye on this and I hope we will get some updates about this problem soon. :smile:

    Does the game use a respawn-method in it's code telling bases/outposts to respawns?
    And mentioning a problem with the respawns of forgotten bases too explains a lot.. ^^" Thought the respawns would just take longer around base level 31-40 but in fact there are no respawns happened for several days leaving neutral spots so I hope you guys will find out whats "wrong". :smile:

    Greetz Moon
  • I don't know if it is allowed to kinda "push" topics... but as we see nothing happened and we are seeing the same problems on other worlds again and again.

    On Wrath 21 and on Tiberian 34 are the problems still there and as I've heard on many other worlds too!

    Greetings Moon
  • Same on Firestorm 9.. with a twist, it seemed outposts were still spawning ok from tunnels until after the infected camps challenge and rewards ended.. past couple of days there have been hardly any spawning at all.
  • Yes issue is present in Firestorm 9, OPs are respawning around an hour after we kill them!
  • gamerdruid
    3643 posts Moderator
    This will be addressed with the next patch, we've been told. Changes have only been made to a few worlds at present.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • So information came out that you can have a difference of 7 levels on Wrath 21 now, however, we have three bases (two 29s and one 31) around a level 36 tunnel exit (323:401) that is not outputting any outposts. We've waiting for 24 hrs.
    It's been one thing after another after the changes with the morale issue.
  • enigm
    122 posts Envision Developer
    Hey @Kevin_Krotzer1,

    you are sure that you mean Wrath 21 and gave us the correct coordinates? This it what I see at the given coordinates on Wrath 21: https://imgur.com/a/Lo2pP9Q
    There os no tunnel exit near the given coordinates.
  • On Wrath 21 OP are not spawning, and they have not been Re-spawning.

    Please look into this.
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