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Can't login to Wrath19 since 28 March

I was able to login till 28 March into Wrath19. However, since then, I can get into other worlds but not this one?

What is the issue?

Can you fix it please.



  • gamerdruid
    3591 posts Moderator
    edited April 2018
    This post is not likely to be seen by anyone who can look into it until Monday - the work European office hours.

    Until then the 'standard' advice is all that can be offered:

    1) clear cookies
    2) clear cache
    3) clear history

    if that fails to correct the problem then

    4) try disabling all scripts
    5) try a different browser
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  • EE_Elephterion
    1547 posts Envision Developer
    Hello Commanders,

    Is there still an isue with Wrath 19? The advise above should help resolving most issues.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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