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Generals with Windows 10

Hi, cannot play Generals with Windows 10...aparently a compability problema......the game is made for Windows XP Service Pack 3.....

What can I do?


  • I just bought the ultimate collection online from BestBuy, but its not a legitimate copy because it makes me log in to Origin or it won't play. I had to go to Origin to install it too. So Best Buy is just a front, that's stupid. I can play a solo game on windows 10 now. My original disk of C&C Generals would not work on windows 10. On game ranger, so I can play online with my friends, the game tries to start and I get a few C&C screens but then it says Mismatch and its over before it ever gets started. Everywhere I read said to buy the ultimate collection version online because it does not require the disk to be in the drive. So I did, but still does not work.
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    The currently available version of the Ultimate Collection uses Origin. My version was from EA direct via their website. The version installed from their website works on my Win10 machine (but not their additional content offering). It is a powerful machine with 16Gb of memory and windows 10 64-bit.

    I can't comment on the version you've bought but current versions from EA do not require a key or disk (just as well as my machine doesn't have a CD/DVD drive), an Origin account presumably replaces that system.

    A version is available here in the UK from 'Empire Gaming' which is a digital download and in it's information it says that the download is redeemable at Origin. Your version is probably a legitimate copy.
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