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What a joke

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edited April 2018
This development company must be one of the worst around. An entire server (Firestorm 9) offline over a day total now and the only response was from yesterday 'we restarted server, let us know if any more problems'..
Well, the forum has been filling with 'letting you know' type messages and there has not been another word about when or even if this problem can be resolved. Very little care about the fact that many have spent a lot of money to play this server and are now totally locked out.

Add to that all the technical difficulties inflicted on most of us by the recent 'new login page' and account use restrictions.

It is a long time since I have seen such poor customer service and relations.. even Rhiordd from the prior team was light years better than the current team.


  • burritt00
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    edited April 2018
    It was Rhiordd's and his team's times when I've seen a reply from one of the developers to the client who was complaining about some servers being offline. "I'm spending money here and your server is not working" customer said, and the developer answered : "Your not paying the money for server to work, read the licence agreement" or something similar to that, cannot remember now word by word.

    Yet, you're right lordo, the incompetence these guys showing lately, making Rhiordd and his team to look like the best team ever :D

    Since how many years people are asking for some modifications on GDI to have some balance between the factions, since how many years people are asking for 200 CP and 24 hr RT as standard limits, since how many years people are asking for scripts to be implemented in the game ? Yeah, few scripts now built in, but not the important ones. Sim you might say, but let's be honest, experienced people are keep using TACS or Center Driven, not the sim EA provided.

    They've made a pool to ask what type server customers wants. High percentage said FA / No Morale, and the answer to that came as 2 servers in the row with Morale :)

    They've changed the login page, maybe they are trying to stop multi account abusers like Shopkey, bloody (not even sure if he still plays), sanna and some more, but what they did is hurting many other people playing one NOD and one GDI account which we all know is useful and far from abuse. People trying to handle two different servers with one single account during their limited time comparing others who might have their entire day just for gaming. Well, as you've said, it's their choice, it's their game and they are free to kill it.

    I'm very seriously considering to spend the ammo I've left with (if I can reach that server ever again of course) and then say goodbye forever to this game where I've made many many good friends. Sad, but the truth is, the lack of ability, lack of customer care, lack of quality EA and their employees showing since quite long time now, does not deserve any money to be spent for their product.
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