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Can't Log In

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edited April 2018
When i try to login it sends me to EA login screen. i login it redirects me around a couple times finally giving a page not found error and bounces me back to the Tib Main screen (not logged in)

tried 2 browsers cleared my cache i don't get it.. was working fine this morning.

Anyone else having this problem?
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  • anyone else having this issue its really starting annoy me :)
  • https://youtu.be/Ny7t7z13fwU Youtube
    Video, Sorry its shakey I filmed it with my phone
  • Yes I have the same problem Bro !
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  • finally someone who has the same issue..
  • I can literally smell my bases burning =/ update us **** acknowledge that there is an issue
  • yes same problem. i wrote a post one or two up on this page.
  • For now I can only recommend to properly log out of your accounts and back in if you get redirections errors and not rely on automatic login remember features.
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  • StajanCDN
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    But its not a auto login, chrome just has my password saved and I've tried FF and Edge same deal..

    watch the youtube video. you will see the same error message above for like 2 seconds before it kicks be back to TA not logged in

    I can login to EA no problem its how i am posting here.. something is going on after i login and being redirected back to the TA site.

    Only automatic thing i have is that chrome has my info saved, I can't log as i never am logged into TA

    I've tried using multiple browsers.. Can login into my EA account to post on forums but can't load TA stuck in a endless loop after hitting Login or Play Now sends me to the EA login gives me too many redirects and craps out and sends me back to the TA screen

    You can see in the video link i posted above, that I'm not automatically logged in, my sign in information is there sure.. but i still have to click it to log in. So if i can login to EA to post in forums just fine. but when trying to login to TA it crashes during a redirect

    Also i did clear my cookies as the error message suggested but the same issue happened.
  • EE_Elephterion
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  • wiped my passwords this time and the same issue happened when i manually logged in.. but when i came to EA login for forums it works fine.. something is wrong with the redirecting

    I can log into EA just fine but can't get logged in to TA wiped all chrome data tried multiple browsers I'm at a loss.

  • That link looks totally scretchy is it secure?
  • EE_Elephterion
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    Yes, this is the direct link to the game world browser.
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  • gamerdruid
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    The link has been available and used for a long time.
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