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Firestorm 9 - award error

Have to point this out to you guys. The leading player of the recent infected camps challenge was in fact me, Birdflea, of the Pink Lotus Alliance. When the time ended the challenge, I was No.1 on the list for most camps accumulated at that point.

However, even though I was No.1 on the list when the challenged ended, the guy who was 2 camps behind me at the timer stopping for the challenge was awarded the Top Commander Badge for that challenge erroneously.

It you want to run a challenge, don't you think the proper awards should be awarded to the top player in that challenge? Easy enough to verify - look at the positions when the timer of the challenge ended. Then check kill times on those camps.

Come on guys --- time -- efforts --- and investment here deserves some credibility and right now, that's seriously in question.

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