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Running RA2 Mods in Windows 10

I have managed to install working copies of RA2 and Yuris Revenge on a 64bit Windows 10 using this post. https://www.reddit.com/r/redalert2/comments/70pmxi/how_to_install_red_alert_2_and_yuris_revenge_with/ It works fine. I can use RA2 Deezire with RA2 (V6) but can't run ANY other RA2 or YR mods that use the XCC launcher or their own launchers. RA2 Deezire V7.6 also doesn't work. The install paths are C:\Westwood\Red Alert 2 and C:\Westwood\YR. This is also the registry install path. I run the mods in compatability mode for Windows 7. Can anybody help? Can you decompile the XCC launcher???
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