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W21 malus correction

As it's not possible to give feedback in announcmenets.. so make an topic.

This correction is awfull LOL, as now i have malus 65% to higher base towards the centre, then 50% backwards.. in general.. i am stuck haha .. as all the others. Can we finish this server as it was?


  • They let players reach the center and then rise the malus to lvl that require you to relocate, ****?? its our fault they calcualeted the malus wrong? and still its seems like too much malus.
  • Theon1k
    2 posts New member
    You wait for everyone to reach the center and now you make it impossible to even move?
    Players are already at the hubs. Why change everything at this given time? This is unacceptable behaviour. If you made a mistake , you should have fixed it the first week max. Not now.
    Change it back for gods sake.
  • Really, that's a joke. You can't change the rules of a game when its running since months. Have you ever looked into the worlds you change? Just takes you a few minutes to realize that you are **** up peoples game and peoples money they spend. You made a mistake by server start, yea, we all noticed that... Why not you? And now? Close to the end and being in major pvp fights you change the rules? And almost all players can't play anymore now cause they can't do ****?

    If that patch stays like it is now you have to give all our money back we spend so far. That's a totally no go.... Not in this game stage.

    Awaiting your answers.... Really fast!
  • I agree
  • what the hell is that malus change!!!! are you kidding?? playing games for years and never seen such silly change. you have any explanable excuse?? you do everything to ruin the game. Almost players come to end (the center), and you add extra malus. that is unacceptable!!
  • https://finviz.com/quote.ashx?t=EA

    Electronic Arts Inc. Market Cap $37.65B. I feel a Class Action lawsuit coming up. Don't get mad, get everything!
  • 3 months after the game has started you cant suddenly change the rules.. Every patch implemented into the game by EA takes that little more away from the player...
    Yet how many time have players received any form of compensation?

    Change it back ….
  • EA fix this back or i will stop playing this not only this server but this game. and can i please get all the cash i spend on this server?
  • Effectively trapping players that have "island hopped" into the bases so their only choice is to relocate, by changing the rules we have been playing by for 3 months is insane. All alliances here have played with EXACTLY the same malus penalty. Changing it now only has a negative effect on the players.

    Do the police change the speed limit while you are driving down the road and fine you for it? No, they announce it ahead of time, so motorists can adjust their driving.

    The only thing this change does three months into a server is become a money grab by EA to force players to stay on the server longer.

    Give us back our world! #MaliceMalus
  • KeJorn
    16 posts Member
    EA's corrections make no sense. A level 30 offense should not see morale hits against a level 34 outpost. What other worlds ever had that extreme cost of morale? It has always been matched similar to the tunnel exits, 6 level difference. Not a 4 level difference. Why are they forcing players to slow down at a rate greater than normal worlds? For the money we spend on this game, EA is doing a disservice to the players. #boycottEA.
  • yet another example of a complete lack of interest in the people that pay to keep this game going, be it their change in login procedures that has effectively locked out hundreds of accounts, their constant tinkering with code and levels in the middle of servers and now they suddenly decide to rewrite all the rules for malus on a world thats nearing the finish. Have to ask the question - do you guys actually want any customers to keep playing?
  • to give you an example of how bad this change is - current army level over 36 shall we say, yesterday malus on a lvl45 base was around 15-18% and now today its 67% so less than 10 levels difference between attacker and forgotten and 67% malus - really? Someone somewhere really got their maths wrong with this "fix"
  • Wow, what a change. Went to an area to get RP for my next base with 0 morale adjustments to find out they now have a mod of 34%. This sucks! Of course this is a money grab for EA. It was a small world to begin with and the only way to keep people on it is slow them down. You like changing plans EA? How about I change mine and decide not to "pay to play: any longer.
  • Maybe we should stay together and stop spending Money! Think that's the only language they understand!
  • EA is overcompensating. Morale costs should not begin at 4 levels above your offense. So everything beyond that is now extremely skewed. It would be one thing to adjust morale costs to match other servers, but to take it further and stunt growth by placing a higher morale cost on this server is punishing the ones not responsible for the original "problem". It is not only unfair, it should cost EA their customer base as it reeks of a financial decision on EA's part than a fair gameplay decision. This is not the first EA game to demonstrate this mentality. #boycottEA
  • Its a joke. This world is working fine, and this change will be bad for everyone
  • Vespin70
    14 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    This is just another "we do what we want" type of thing from EA. I am personally sick of it. As we all know EA doesn't realize we are the ones paying for this game, and all of the employees that support it. Instead of them making changes to "OUR" game with "OUR" input, once again they just do what they want. Its bad enough that they make a MAJOR change 3 months into a server, but one that completely destroys all progress that many have made? This was done with intent on making us start over because the run to center has been so fast, but what they didn't consider was the fact the world is smaller ( they should know this, but seem to not care ) and the fact that we have a MAJOR war going on at this time. All they see is, "Dang, a Guardian Base was killed after 3 months, we need to slow them down so we can make more money." For me this is it, No more funds, no more money to EA until they they start making this game for US again, and not for only their bottom line. Its bad enough that they changed the login that made many players lose accounts that they paid for funds on, but changing the game play of an entire server without even asking the people paying for it is ridiculous. #boycottEA
  • First that stupid change of the LOG IN
    Relay we are just wasting our Time Moaning on Here,

    The ONLY WAY TO MAKE EA UNDERSTAND IS FOR EVERY ONE to agree to stop Finance on this SERVER
  • Vespin70 has right.
    I pay for something I like, but I do not like so much this game to pay extra for it.
    So I will wait a day or two to see if they will come back with morales, if not, I will quit the game (or come back to TA Firestorme LOL)
  • Agree! Maybe we should speak with all CIC's at wrath 21 to get an Agreement to stop playing there untill they revoke this update!
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