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W21 malus correction


  • agree no more money til they listen .....this is ****...enuf is enf !!!!
  • You guys screwed up now correcting it mid game just punishes everyone on this server! Most are now stuck and will be forced to relocate to move! You should change it back to the way it was and let server play out!
  • This change is absolutely unacceptable after the game has already been started. It is a money grab by EA when many players are already spending a ton on this game. As a CIC on this server, I will urge other alliances to stop spending any money on this server and also urge players to NOT join the new server on Friday. Another stupid move by EA. Also the new signon screen is un-necessary. THIS NEEDS TO BE REVERSED NOW!
  • How can EA feel it is right to correct their mistake after 3 months of a server being open. They take a base that was say at 30% malus to 82% and feel that is right. Maybe if we all stopped spending money on this server they would have no choice but fix their 2nd screw up.
  • Everyone should direct message enigm and let them know how you feel. I know at-least 4 that have already. Keep his inbox full of how bad this move actually is!
  • Completely agree. Alliances should cease all $ spent and game play till they revert it back to the way it was. There is no sense in changing the rules midway through the game.

    Also change the login back to the way it was.
  • So EA changes the game rules AFTER one of the Alliances is at the Hubs, thereby making it more difficult for the others to dig to the center. WHO IS THE IDIOT AT EA THAT DECIDED TO MAKE THIS CHANGE?
  • I can agree that the CiC should make a gesture like a non attack pact or something like that. This isn't fair to all the people who did spend there money and are stucke now.
  • it is unacceptable to change the game with 82 day gone on this server. This need putting back asap thx.
    kind regards.
  • chadthurston
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  • **** !!!

    i guess thoss dumb programmer with EA did an update. my malus on bases was 15 % yesterday, i get home,login and now its over 70 i like to think this is just a dumb mistake which will be corrected in a few hrs from now

    come on how dumb can a programmer be

  • and opening frase in **** is what the fack but ameriicanos have to censure everthing :-)
    GVD wat een gelul is dit
  • Ashamed to change the rules in short server or rather late server ... we do not talk about something small ... I'm in bases 60 60% of malus .... a scandal I do not would never put any money back in this game it's over for me
  • This is unacceptable. Change back or reimburse me for my outstanding credits.
  • methuselah
    436 posts Senior Moderator
    I don't know enough to comment beyond it does seem a bit odd to make a change that far in. I'm not in either world and not privy to why the decision to make the change was made versus leaving it be. Hopefully someone with more information than I have will chime in.
  • At least you, methuselah, may know some of the devs and can talk them to change it back cause it makes no sense. If there are so heavy problems they can just up everyone's off and def 10 levels. Then we all can stay where we are.
  • gamerdruid
    4147 posts Moderator
    I too agree it seems a strange decision, especially for a world 80+ days in. I can partly understand a world being changed early on, such as Tib34 but not for one well established.

    I wonder if the setting had been the other way round, would they have reduced the malus setting on a 80+day world?
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • By making these changes now, EA is drastically changing the nature of the game to date - including all strategy/tactics as we strive for the center and pvp. EA knows that even if this server ends earlier than others we will go to other worlds and still spend the same amount of money due to our addiction-addled gaming brains. So why care if the server needs to be fixed EA? You have only upset loyal customers.
    Please change it back.
  • I hate to keep being a pessimist here, but the fact that we are getting no reasoning behind or for this, it just seems like a way to slow down the world, and make us spend more money. I also agree if it was an honest mistake, and something that is really a big game issue, they would have fixed it in the first 5 days, not the first 82. I just keep thinking EA / Dev Money Grab
  • Hey methuselah,
    without disrespecting you, by implementing todays patch you significantly changed the strategies applied by alliances and significantly influenced the gameplay on this server. There are plenty of players who are stuck now and not even be able to jump back to a point where they can level propperly because they need a week of repair time and at least a thousand commandpoints to get going again. Yust to make sure that you understand, there are loads of players who have been immobilized by that patch and surely will quit this server if you don't change that back swiftly! So i demand and i am not speaking for myself only to change back the moral system immediately! Thanks in advance and"kind" regards unamas100.
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