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W21 malus correction



  • For the third comment I have posted, EA you continue to have one of the poorest customer service responses I have ever seen from a company. No more money from me on my accounts which means the game will be boring and I will eventually just stop playing. I will certainly not start any new worlds until this is fixed. Thanks for ruining a good thing for a lot of people.
  • Pretty sure the complaints about your ill-timed "correction" outweighs the complaints of not enough outposts spawning on this server. Completely changing the entire strategy of the teams playing on this world and now losing many people far exceeds the outpost spawning problem.
  • my 2 cents, to everybody complaining about the change, basically, think of it this way:
    the world was announced as classical, so it should have had a +4 malus from the start
    you came to the world, were positively surprised that it is not +4 but +7, as that speeds up progress
    one would have expected a change to the right settings in the first week of the server
    but everybody kept quiet and did not complain, and it slipped through the cracks of the developers
    nevertheless, it is expected all along that the correction would come eventually
    as always, those who took advantage of this temporary free lunch, good job
    you ate the free lunch, you should be grateful
    making an announcement in advance on when this free lunch ends - allows people that already got ahead - to prepare - so it may create an unfair advantage
    so, of course, there can't be an advance announcement of the change, exactly like with the bubble bug on wcs 2015 or other similar incidents
  • GUYS Late Last year i began a project of making a game for you all me n my friends some of my friends supported me but majority of server players didnt support my project that game would have been a a masterpiece Chaos Of War . i had to shut it down as not nearly enough funding i invested my own money but i was short like big time to fund it i was trying to make a game for the gamers players U n U All . let me know if you all want me to re start or not one thing i can guarantee is i wont **** up servers like EA n old rules will be back pvp as well Ronny
  • Add me on Skype if u want to know what is my Vision n the scale of fun u guys will have more than this game ever did my vision 1 map will create the fun that will become more and more fun near the main ending of a server and from my estimate 1 map will use up 12 servers so yes i know what i am trying to get

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  • i personaly dont care what you do to this server anymore.
    you make another infected challenge and dont give any badges from it. what is the point?
    you have ruined my enjoyment from this game so no more new worlds for me.
    just play out the last few and goodbye ea.
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