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Morale malus change on Tiberian 34 & Wrath 21, spawn rates for outposts and event/infected camps

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First off, let me apologize for the misconfiguration of Tiberian 34 & Wrath 21 and how the fix was then applied and handled. This could've cleary been communicated and handled in a better way.

But the change back to its original value was deemed necessary in order to get player progress speed to normal levels again. Otherwise too fast territory progress has various side effects. Tunnel exits, for example, won't get activated as the player level would be too low to trigger a reaction. This is something many players experienced and complaint about. There are many more aspects of the (later) game which are affected by this. Unfortunately there is no smooth way to transition between the two morale settings and as I said earlier this could have handled in a better way.

While we're on the topic of Tunnel Exits let me use the opportunity to explain how they're activated and work in general. In order to activate the tunnel exit your base needs to be in a 4.5 field radius around the tunnel and your offense level should not be lower than 6 levels below the level of the tunnel. All bases meeting these criterias are then counted and together with percentage values for the spawn chance used in the formula to calculate if an outpost spawns or not. To garantuee that an outpost is spawned 5 bases are needed. Once the system decides to spawn an outpost it looks within a radius of 6.5 fields to find a suitable place to spawn an outpost. The system will spawn a new outpost every 60 minutes until the maximum of 10 outposts is reached.

Reagrding the reports that too few outposts are spawning: we're currently monitoring the spanws of outposts to find out what could have led to a decreases in spawns. Once we can clearly pinpoint what's wrong there we will issue a patch as soon as possible.
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