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Change World not working


  • Bier-Freak
    30 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    quote We had a server issue in the past 1-2 hours that resulted in the Error 500 message, this has been resolved. unquote.

    You mean for 1-2 months, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harm Hoekstra ( holland )
  • Bier-Freak
    30 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    @elphterion, are you only react, to like us to feel better, or is there REALY going to be a sullution ???? EVER...............
    I'm beginning to get VERRY PISSED, yes also aubout your reactions, are you realy helping US..............

    ENVISION DEVELOPER ?????????????????????????
  • but i won't give up ( EVER ), ROLL BACK THE GAME BEFORE 1-4-2018
  • tusi0583
    34 posts Member
    Hi George,

    Correct, I carefully did read the advisors notes and I was also correct in following our correct process in that it states that this title no longer has a direct studio that we ourselves can contact so we are instructed to direct all players to the forums. (For what it is worth, I would also find this process very frustrating also if I was referred to the forums George).

    Please when you attempt to Login, just confirm what email you are using. If you still cannot login, I will attempt to create a temporary password and reply back to you straight away with this password. It will expire after 1 hour I do believe George.

    Look forward to hearing from you George.
    Still need help? You can reach us on help.ea.com .

    JP O.
    EA Help

    you guy have queered the game so extensively i do not have desire to play anymore i come on now only when i get extremely bored. i did login today and found it was not bad and i was able to finally login to a sub account. and not get booted or frozen until i logged out of a sub account. then the main account freezes the screen. it clears up after a few minutes then just to get booted again. this login problem has show itself to be corrected several time as different efforts were attempted to fix the issue. and the fix is found to be a very temporary thing. sometimes only lasting until you need to login again then its back to crap. and freezing up after short game time. the game does not hold my interest long enough for me to see if it will not freeze. after playing the game every day for 7 years and now with experiencing this issue. it has irritated the sh!t out of me to a point that i no longer care to play it and find i only login by habit and once in, i am not interested in playing and leave the game to find something better to do very shortly after the login. i actually have much more fun reading memes on facebook than this game now offers. this game is now a frustrating experience and not enjoyable at all with being in the shadows of this issue.

    however, all that aside,
    can someone please finally address a response to the original question that started me off with a call to customer service before i was referred to game tech and specialists in regards to this issue. the original question to customer service was never addressed. by anyone on your end. all i got was the runaround about logins that we are now still discussing and not even an hint of reply to the original Question presented to Customer service. and again i will point out this shows incompetence with EA service. with the FACT the original Question was never addressed. and all i get is a mighty passing of the buck.

    What does EA plan on doing to reimburse for all the funds spent to purchase a limited time benefit. that we the consumers were unable to benefit from ? we were unable to use the purchases made before the time frame ran out due to not being able to login to the accounts. we buy a time limited use items that lasts for a variety of time usually 7 to 30 days per purchase on multiple different items. losing access to these accounts for weeks and then watching the time tick away as funds go to p!ss, i am sure you understand how this is conceived as nothing less than EA taking money and not delivering on the consumers paid for product.

  • I have tested Chrome today and had no issues so far. Which world are you trying to join?

    Wierd wonder with chrome you use, all others dont working at all, tested firefox to, same blank window?
    make it public so wee can se it to? tested ower 100 time....
  • I was thinking about coming back to play, it's been almost a year and it seems nothing has changed after reading this. SO i went and tried for myself. I can log into both of my accounts, but, when trying to change worlds, where the options would be in the center of the screen it just shows a minimized version of the home screen.
    When i try and just play the world, it just resets the screen. I use FF and Safari both with the same result. I've cleared history and cookies, turned off scripts. With a new world starting in 2 days how am i supposed to play. When i do i usually fund the account. Not hundreds of dollars like some players but enough to get by.
  • Avond001
    1 posts New member
    Change World on Chrome don't work anymore
    Everytime i click on change world redirects to this link
    Why you always change everything?
    Please once the game works don't touch nothing.

    Guys are messing around with the code, but still are not coming to proper solution. Now I can not go to any world
  • I have tested Chrome today and had no issues so far. Which world are you trying to join?

    Envision Developer are you serious off are you blind IT IS NOT WORKING .
  • BLSCobra
    13 posts Member
    edited May 2018
    It's not been working for 2 days minimum.
    I've even tried the following in Chrome:
    F12 --> Right click refresh icon --> Select "Empty Cash and Hard Reload"
    But still NOTHING...
    Alse checked your facebook and twitter... but NOTHING
    You don't even use social media for over a year, this shows how much you care for the game... NOTHING. just for the money...
    This makes you THIEVES!!!!

    PS: THIS IS THE PAGE YOU SHOULD FIX: https://gamecdnorigin.alliances.commandandconquer.com/WebWorldBrowser/index.aspx

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null
    at cg.__no (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at cg.main (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at Object.ready (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at co.dispatchEvent (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at construct.dispatchEvent (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at Object.fireEvent (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at co.__db (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at co.__dc (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at co.<anonymous> (webworldbrowser.js:210)
    at co._onNativeLoad (webworldbrowser.js:210)

    This should help you as i've done half the job...
  • Me too have same problem, nothing help!
  • Elephterion (Envision Developer),

    This is a very SERIOUS ISSUE! what we have here, and my best guess is that its related to the SSL secure connection or the permissions regarding connections or in the certificate of the site itself.

    This is a MAJOR ISSUE, its not related to some people using some browsers or clearing the cash, its very obvious for most of the community.

    If EA had dropped support for this game, it must inform its users and have to make a clear disclosure for the community and must stop the payment system, failing to do so will put EA with a lawsuit against the community.

    This is a statement from you on the 11 of April announcing a new login system:

    You as a developer and the company you work for have full responsibility for its users!

    So I suggest that you really have to move your ---- very quick, or you will loose your community by the end of the year, and maybe your jobs!
  • Have the same problem with change world in Chrome, again.
    Tried all the recomendations, again.

    What really baffles me is that changes made to the game, is not thoroughly tested prior to rollout and that devs state that they "hope" and "expect" this or that will solve issues.....
  • gamerdruid
    4261 posts Moderator
    The developers of the game were not responsible for the testing or implementation of the login changes. They have made errors in the past, but this is not one of them.

    Frustrating and annoying as it is, some can get the work around to work for them, others can't. It should be simple.

    It is not!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • plz fix it.. cant change worlds for 3 days now. tried everything :(
  • Demonyah
    9 posts New member
    You guys are talking about days. And gamerdruid says developers cant help. But this issue is here for weeks already. It happened after a patch. Now who made that patch, Poetin? Some department at EA must be responsable, right? But never EA takes his responsibility by mentioning they did something wrong.

    Of course its all the fault of your customers they can't pick a server for weeks.
    Oh, new server tomorrow.... pity I cant pick it ....
  • gamerdruid
    4261 posts Moderator
    I've never said they can't help. The issue isn't because of a patch that they made but a decision somewhere in the labyrinth called Electronic Arts.

    The developers have done, and continue to do, what they can to mitigate the login difficulties that they did not make.

    I've not seen any explanation as to why some players can get in, without difficulties others have been unable to log in for weeks. It's not the fault of the customers, I'm clear on that!

    Blaming any group doesn't help however, it's a matter of hoping the things that the game developers are doing will eventually lead to most players being able to log into at least one world at a time with at least one account at a time as per the original design specs of the game.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • You can chance to a another world.
    You can play i hope in one world you go in that world to de right corner with the Command Conquer picture.
    You click on options and go to my games and you switch to another server and world.
    Here it is working i hope for all players that this work for all.
  • gamerdruid
    4261 posts Moderator
    Unfortunately for an unlucky few, they can't use options to use this route.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • tusi0583
    34 posts Member
    here is how i am able to login with chrome. i actually got into a sub account and had two servers at same time open. it lasted about 10 minutes then everything shitthebed again screen freeze and game boots you out. but ready for this ? you need to logout close browser, reopen browser login again check to see if it works, and if you do this repeatedly about a dozen times you might get in eventually. but i have to hand it to EA, at least i no longer get the error message before being booted out of game.
  • Selecting worlds in the usual tab doesn't work with any browser.

    Spamming F5 or clearing cache has no effect.

    Switching worlds with the options tab (by default in the bottum right corner while logged on to any world you play on does work.)

    To be fair, this gets you on the server you desire to play on. However... if the option to swap worlds in the usual tab isnt working and there is no fix in progress to fix it you should probably just remove the link or disable it for the time beeing and redirect the players straight to the bottum right corner option tab.

    This is very confusing and frustrating especially for the players that pay for this game for additional recources.

    This game is relatively quite exspensive if it is working. If it's not working this is just aggravating.

    "the labyrinth called Electronic Arts" is a very poor excuse for a problem which is present since at least April 20th
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