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[UPDATE] Increasing outpost spawn rates on selected worlds, tomorrow April 24

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Attention Commander!

We will increase the spawn rates of outposts by 25%. Additionally, tunnel exits will now get activated if your offense level is 7 levels below its level (instead of currently 6).
[UPDATE] A bug will be fixed that if an outpost was destroyed the system did not made an immediate attempt to respawn a new one (instead the system waited a full cycle of around 60 minutes to make this attempt).
The changes will be applied to Tiberian 32, Tiberian 33, Tiberian 34 as well as Wrath 20, Wrath 21 and Wrath 22 on Tuesday April 24th, 7:00 - 9:00 UTC. The expected downtime for each world is 30 minutes.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!
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