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game's tab don't respond


Since 2 day now, game crash everytime I select my construction yard.
Simple, i select it, game's tab just freezes and don't respond.

I clean cache and cookie, disable all script. Still continue to crash.


  • enigm
    122 posts Envision Developer
    Hey @kilekon,

    have you tried to log out of the game, clear cache & cookies and then login again. Also deactivate any user scripts you're using please. If the error still happens I need the world and city name (you can send it as pm if you want).
  • kilekon
    1 posts Member

    sorry for this long silent time.
    So, i don't know how or why but it is fix.
    So thank for your time.

    By the way, world was tiberium 31 and base name: bamako
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