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I am playing this game since 4 years. Today I am angry because having the shield activated a 19 level forgoten base killed me !!!

Why only I have received, only me ,.... this cain of attack in this game. It is amistake in the software?



  • although you are not providing enough information, I have a hypothesis about what happened
    at the beginning of the world with forgotten attacks there is a tutorial during which you build defense to some small level (5?) and then immediately get hit by forgotten but do not lose your shield protection
    usually this happens in the first 10 minutes of the server, so you get hit by a level 2 camp and get no damage
    but, if you skip the tutorial and don't build defense, then this attack gets delayed
    if you got into the region with really high level bases around you, and then build up defense, you will get hit by one of those bases in range, and may very well die without losing your shield
  • Thanks for your reply. My above explanation could be completed: I had 11 level base, far of the 20 level forgoten area and with shield activated. Then, a 19 forgoten base shotting me, killing my own base. So I think that it was a system error. I expect an explanation by EA, or probably,.... no more founds be invested by me in the game
  • you are not confirming or denying if it was indeed because you built defense for the first time in the high level area and triggered the tutorial response
    if that was a tutorial response, the game worked as intended and there is nothing wrong - so no reason for complaints or demands
    if it was not due to tutorial, then there is some reason to search for the cause of a glitch
    in any case, getting killed by forgotten is part of the game
  • my location was out high level area, around me alliances mates, all us with shield activated

    Glitch, I think

    I know that in this game I will be killed hundred times,...I know,...but under same regulations everybody. J
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