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Finding alliance stats

I had previously seen my alliance members pve / pvp stats as a c in c but cannot rember how to do it now.
The reason being to see who is working well and who needs some help in pve.It takes extra time to check each player in the roster and I am sure there is an alliance roster list somewhere with it all listed. Can someone remind me how please.


  • gamerdruid
    3591 posts Moderator
    The data you're looking for is only available via a script - they must have it installed in order to share their stats.
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  • ccta-stats.com no download required just registrar
  • Starras88
    1 posts New member
    Well since the new login ccta-stats.com is no longer able to pull the data from the worlds... The same goes for the cnc-map.com.
    They have announced that the service will stop in a few days which really is a shame.

    but the PvP/PvE stats you are looking for is the "PvP/PvE Player Info Mod" script.

    Today my login started to mess up as well. Hope they get this fixed before Vet6 or I will stop playing this game too...
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