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Multi Worlds login problem was fixed, now problem back today in past few hours

I was signed into 3 worlds in tabbed windows since yesterdays fix.. suddenly a couple of hours ago 2 of those 2 worlds went disconnected and won't log back in with change world not working again. I guess there was another maintenance.. maybe i will wait until things are more stable before going back through the cookie cache cleanup close/open browser magic fix again.


  • Same here. 3rd day of problems. A game where you cant get in when you need to is going o quickly become a game I am not playing
  • Update, did the cookie/cache cleanup/close browser/open browser magic fix again, got the change world screen to come up again.. got this msg for firestorm 9 or wrath 22 http://prntscr.com/jg00o3 yet world tib15 seems to load ok.. p.s., both firestorm 9 and wrath 22 show as online from the change world screen.
  • gamerdruid
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    The in-game changer should still be working, if you can get into any world that is!
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